First Post- New Stripe Dress

This is our first blog and today I will be talking about the new stripe dress and why I LOVE it! 

This awesome dress went home with me... as do most products we bring in and I fell in love with it. I'm not usually a stripe girl due to the fact stripes usually make me appear bigger around the bust and hips (at least on me) and nobody like a pattern that does that! But, this dress does not do that at all. I think because it does not hug the body but also isn't too baggy.

As most people know, I have an off the shoulder obsession and because of the wide neck on this dress I was able to wear it off one shoulder! A big plus for me! It also looks cute on the shoulder ;)

It's casual style makes it a great outfit to just throw on with a pair of sandals and run out the door with a messy bun or ponytail (like I did today) or it can be accessorized more fashionably with booties, a floppy hat, stacks of bracelets and a long necklace! For the price of $45.95, it is a must! <3 

Find it here: